CONNECTING-EUROPE! is an ERASMUS+ (KA2) 31-month project, aiming to support lifelong learning and the educational, professional and personal development of VET students in Europe and beyond.

The realities and obstacles that intermediary organizations, VET providers and all actors involved in Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities in VET face when it comes to hosting VET students for Erasmus+, creates the need of VET providers to learn from each other and improve the way VET works with Erasmus+KA1 mobilities.


Our project’s aim is to improve the collaboration between sending and hosting partners and intermediary and VET providers involved in Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities, especially in hospitality, healthcare and technical fields.

Project Results

The Project Results will:

  • improve basic, formal and non-formal skills
  • provide VET providers and intermediary organizations with tools to use when identifying, (self-)evaluating and recognizing skills to validate them, either as competence points, or with a Connecting Europe Certificate that is developed within this project.

With its fist result CONNECTING-EUROPE! will deliver a common way of preparing students for mobilities that will:

  • remove second-hand information,
  • help students adapt to new surroundings and tasks,
  • erase unrealistic expectation among students and sending partners,
  • increase transparency of existing realities and
  • provide the sending partner and students with current and correct information about topics that have, in past, created negative responses among students, hosting organizations and hosting companies at the beginning of a mobility

With the second result of CONNECTING-EUROPE! the sending and hosting partner will have access in online tools that will allow them to jointly identify, evaluate and recognize the formal and non-formal skills students develop during their mobility. This will enable increase skills validation and allow students to better show-case the skills developed before and during a mobility when e.g. applying for work in the future.

So, its outcomes are going to be:

  • A virtual preparations course that prepares VET students within the hospitality, technical and healthcare sector for their Erasmus+ KA1 mobility and gives them the skills needed to work in a multicultural environment and
  • Tools that enable VET providers, to identify and recognize 21st century skills and other soft skills that helps VET students succeed in the world of work but that are currently not identified and recognized formally due to a lack of tools, will be implemented by the partners and will be used beyond the project’s lifespan when sending and hosting students on Erasmus+ mobilities.

Target groups

  • VET providers
  • VET students
  • All actors involved in Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities
  • Intermediary organizations,
  • Employers
  • Stakeholders and companies representing the hospitality, healthcare and technical fields


The partnership consists of 10 partners from Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece.

Let’s meet them!

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