Patras Meeting is approaching...

Since Patras, Greece is only around 2 hours driving from Athens, we don’t have around us an airport with international flights all over the year. Thus our partners use the Athens Airport, which offers a huge number of international flights come and go.

There, according to the arrival or departure days and time we arrange a minivan (8 people max) that may pick you up from the Athens Airport gate and bring them to the hotel entrance (and of course vice versa). This, of course, is valid for flights with similar time of arrival or departure (which usually is the normal). The cost of the minivan is 250,00€ per route, which the users share.

Find here the Route from Airport to Hotel and the time for this Route is approximately 2hrs and 25mins.

Coming to Patras is really smooth. Staying in Patras is smoother. The name is MYWAY Hotel and we may help you book your rooms there. Just let us know by filling the form below! 

So please do fill in the form below!

Patras, Greece, here we come!!!