Calasanz Santurtzi S.L.


San José de Calasanz is a vocational training centre founded in 1969. We are in Santurtzi, municipality of about 50,000 inhabitants on the left bank of the Nervion River, one of the most populated areas of Metropolitan Bilbao in the Basque Country. We have been training students from 0-65 years for 45 years.

Each year approximately 1,500 students pass through our classrooms, 500 in Compulsory Education (until 16 years) and more than 1,000 studies of initial and vocational training for unemployed people and qualification programs aimed at getting a job. We are professionals working in health, social services and community and business administration and marketing services. We are a private centre of Vocational Training with great tradition in our area of influence. 

San Jose de Calasanz as a vocational training centre has extensive experience in taking part in international projects. Our students and teachers have participated in mobility programs since year 2.005.  Our  Erasmus+ programmes have allowed us to connect with projects related to our area of influence. We work with local development agencies of Santurtzi, the Basque Government, the Basque Innovation Agency Government,  Tknika and  Innobasque. San José de Calasanz is part of the Job Forum in our town in the city of Santurtzi  in which opportunities are studied to create jobs in cooperation with unions, area businesses, neighborhood associations and local development agencies.

We use Hight level ETHAZI methodology solving REAL CHALLENGES as active method to teach. That process involves school, teachers, students and families of this type of initiative in the Community. We look for thematic areas, projects or subjects that are best fit for treatment in the school. We work with students in school long enough with other teachers and students involvement and cooperation of.