Axxell Utbildning AB


Axxell is a Finland Swedish VET provider that offers versatile education for both youngsters and adults. As a student at Axxell you can either study to get a VET degree or develop your vocational skills further.Axxell educates students and develop VET by testing and implementing innovative and flexible methods. We have skilled and well educated staff who use modern and up to date methods to educate students to become skilled workers ready to adapt for future challenges. This work cannot be done in isolation, which is why Axxell cooperates with universities other vocational education providers, NGO’s and other stakeholders on a national and international level. Developing vocational training is an important strategic focus area for Axxell. Axxell has an international team who are experts when it comes to coordinating and implementing international development projects within vocational, adult and migrant education. Axxell is known for its good work and capable staff when it comes to developing new teaching and learning methods and materials, modern approaches for guidance and counselling as well as digital solutions to support all this.